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Portseido June 2024 Update

Product Update Jun 2024

Introducing The New Portseido App

The new version of Portseido application is now available on both Android's Google Play and Apple's App Store

Product Update April 2024

Invest with Confidence: Share Your Success, Not Your Numbers

Our app’s privacy feature lets you showcase your investment journey without revealing sensitive details. Share your progress, celebrate wins, and inspire others—all while keeping your actual amounts hidden

Product Update April 2024

More brokerage supports - We have added more brokerage support as follow:

Broker update Jun 2024

So what to be released in June 2024?

More updates heading your way in June 2024... get ready!

  • Short Selling Support
  • Margin Account Support

Hope that our tool is helping you make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals. And thank you for choosing Portseido for your investment journey.

Happy Investing!

The Portseido Team