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Configure portfolio settings

This guide aims to help you personalize Portseido by configuring various options in settings page to match your needs.

Portseido Settings page

1. Benchmarks

Benchmarks are market indices, etfs and other assets that are used to compare to your portfolio performance. This can be useful when you try to assess your performance relative to other investment opportunities. We have an article on benchmarking already which explain also how to choose the right benchmarks. Check it out here.

2. Currency

You are able to choose your preferred currency to be displayed in Portseido. We will take into account FX gain / loss for you automatically.

3. Theme

Portseido is available in both light and dark themes. You can toggle to see the change there.

4. Transaction Source

With this, Portseido enables you to change the source of your transaction data. You can choose to maintain the trade data within our UI or using Google spreadsheet.

5. Calculation methods

Some metrics are able to be calculated in multiple ways such as average cost. It can be calculated using either FIFO method or Weighted Average method. You can choose your preferred one here.