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Portseido May 2024 Update

Product Update May 2024

What have been released in April 2024?

Introducing The New Feature

Portfolio Turnover Analysis

Portfolio Turnover Analysis

Portfolio Turnover Analysis, just launched in "Trade Analysis" page, can help telling you if you have made too many trades or not.

If you are long term investor, but you have made too many trades. It usually translates to higher trading costs due to brokerage fees and potential capital gains taxes.

Both results in diminishing return to your portfolio...

Below is a table comparing ranges of portfolio turnover and investor type:

Product Update April 2024

More brokerage supports - We have added more brokerage support as follow:

Product Update April 2024

So what to be released in May 2024?

Devs are working real hard! There will be more updates coming your way...

  • Short Selling Support
  • Margin Account Support

Hope that our tool is helping you make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals. And thank you for choosing Portseido for your investment journey.

Happy Investing!

The Portseido Team