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How to export your trades from M1 Finance

In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to export your trades from M1 Finance.

For reference, please see M1 Finance Help page:

  1. Go to Apex Clearing to log into APEX Clearing
  2. For the Account Number, on M1, go to M1 Finance accounts
  3. Enter the Account Number in APEX Clearing and click Search
  4. After it loads, under "Apex Online Menu", click Cost Basis
  5. The "Open Positions" shows all of the Buy orders and the "Closed Positions" tab show all the Sell orders
  6. Click Export to CSV to get the CSV file
  7. Upload the file in the upload box.

One of the most convenient methods to add trades to Portseido is by uploading brokerage statements. Simply follow the steps above to export your trades from your brokerage account. Then, upload them to Portseido, and we will automatically process and add them to your portfolio.